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  • José Luis Urquieta oboe
  • Leonardo Cuevas oboe
  • Luis Saglie (1974)
    • Neruda (2013)
  • Esteban Correa (1979)
    • Alicanto (2015)
  • Pedro Álvarez (1980)
    • Praeludium (2008)
  • Álvaro Gallegos (1979)
    • La noche de san Bartolomé (2017) Premiere
  • Julio Torres (1975)
    • Rastros (2015)
  • Guillermo Rifo (1945)
    • 0+1 (2011)
  • Cristián Mezzano (1978)
    • Allá (2014)
  • Marcos Stuardo (1984)
    • Oboes (2017)
  • Francisco Silva (1978)
    • Tres piezas (2017)
  • Fernando García Arancibia (1930)
    • Horizontes posibles (2017)
Original Concert Program (PDF)

Oboist José Luis Urquieta In Vienna

The International Society for Chilean Music (SIMUC) brings one of the most active and promising Chilean performers of our times to Vienna: José Luis Urquieta. He has dedicated large part of his work to the music written by living composers, widening the Chilean contemporary repertoire for oboe. Together with guest oboist Leonardo Cuevas, Urquieta presents 10 Chilean pieces in different styles and with different approaches to the instrument and its own idiomatic nature. A part of this concert's repertoire is included in his last discographic production, “Nuevos Aires Chilenos para Oboe” (New Chilean Airs for Oboe), a collection of pieces by Chilean composers of various generations, which were written specially for him. This concert is part of a Europe-Tour that includes six concerts, two of which are SIMUC-Concerts: On October 9 in Prague and this one on October 10 in Vienna, where Urquieta include the world premiere of a piece by Álvaro Gallegos.

SIMUC - Concert Tour
Mexican Cultural Center
Türkenstraße 15, 1090
Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017
Vienna, Austria