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  • Pablo Salinas viola
  • Mario Feito (1981)
    • Mar, Salinas, Sal (2019)
  • Jean Daniel Barahona (1986)
    • Capricho no. 1 para viola sola (2019)
  • Roberto Aravena (1993)
    • Polimerización (2018)
  • Javier Party (1980)
    • Sinapsis (2019)
  • Cristián Mezzano (1978)
    • Visiones para viola sola (2019)
Original Concert Program (PDF)

Contemporary Viola. Chilean Music.

The renowned Chilean violist Pablo Salinas leaves his sit at the Chilean Symphony Orchestra for a few days to get on the plane, cross the Atlantic Ocean and embark on a SIMUC-tour in Europe. He presents a repertoire of contemporary pieces by Chilean composers, that he performs with elegance and attention to detail. The concert includes four pieces written specially for Salinas and the piece by Jean Daniel Barahona that was selected through an open SIMUC-Call for Works. We thank the Chilean Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage for their support.

SIMUC - Concert Tour
Centre Culturel Altrimenti
5 avenue Marie-Thérèse, 2132
Friday, 20 Sep 2019
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg